Circular Accelerator

A New ClimAccelerator has been launched by EIT Climate-KIC and GreenTech HQ to support projects in the Built Environment

September 2022

The New Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator has been launched to accelerate promising solutions and foster the net-zero target across Europe.

Following a successful second edition of the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator, a new accelerator programme has just been launched to scale bold circular solutions.

The New Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator co-funded by EIT Climate-KIC, GreenTech HQ – a global innovation hub, whose focus is on green projects and new technologies around high performance building initiatives, renewables, smart mobility solutions, blockchain and AI and AR technologies is dedicated to upstream and downstream innovations of the circular economy and solutions able to challenge linear production systems in the construction sectors and its related industries through advanced technologies. 

Why the Built Environment?

According to a 2021 report drafted by the European Commission, the construction and demolition sectors account for around half of the globally extracted materials and energy usage and one-third of the global material and water consumption. With forecasts estimating a global construction growth rate of 85% by 2030, there is an urgent need for the sector to transition from a linear model into a circular one.

Grants and a tailor-made programme for circular solutions

After accelerating remarkable solutions for the Built Environment in the batches of 2021 and 2022 of the Circular Cities ClimAccelerator, like Arcology System, 2050 materials, C4C, Concular and SunCrafter, the New Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator aims at scaling start-ups across Europe that can reduce the pressure on the Earth’s biophysical limits as well as promoting a circular socio-economic transformation.

The new accelerator offers grants and a tailor-made programme for advanced start-ups aligned with circular practices – such as modularity, upgradability and prolonged use – that can help industries benefit from the value retention of product components and materials while respecting planetary boundaries.

The offer for start-ups and scale-ups

The Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator stems from the expertise and success of the largest climate-focused community in the world powered by EIT Climate-KIC ClimAccelerator and its implementing partners Luvent Consulting and Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace – Trinity College Dublin and offers:

Through a sterling pool of corporate partners including UPS, CRH and GreenTech HQ global innovation hub, and cities and ecosystems partners that will support the growth and development of the selected start-ups, the programme will focus on promising solutions across different thematic areas that have the potential to disrupt the status quo and foster the transition to a net-zero circular economy.

Areas of focus for the Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator

The new accelerator programme is interested in start-ups that can transform the the Built Environment – with innovative solutions that disrupt the status quo and foster transition to a net zero economy. These can include solutions in urban design, retrofitting to extending building life, the reusing, leasing, upcycling and recycling of construction materials or assessing their impact, transportation and logistics – with solutions enabling circularity in supply chain logistics, fleet management and reverse logistics, and the energy sector – with innovations to promote renewable energies.

Apply by September 19th 2022

The Call for Applications is now open and will close on September 19th with the aim of accelerating up to 25 start-ups during a two-stage programme built on Business Model Development and Validation and Traction modules.

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Author: Sarah Dozza
Editing: Eliana Silva and Breandán Goss